commercial sheeter pasta machine


Subject: commercial sheeter pasta machine
Commercial Sheeter Pasta Machine
Americans love pasta and if it is fresh made more so! This machine although ideal for a small restaurant or hotel it would grace any home that settles for nothing but the best. This is the ultimate maker of fettuccine and lasagna sheets. It is a pleasure to see how creative a person can be with this machine in making pasta; it is almost like a canvas in the hands of an artist. Of course, in addition to the machine you can draw from our twenty years experience with fresh pasta and lots of chefs that made it a career coming out with new and attractive dishes of fresh pasta. This is a brand new machine working like a Rolex!
Rosina is a bench top machine for producing rolled pasta and very thin, delicate, transparent sheets.
TAGLIATELLE in two widths, mm 2 and mm 6, can be obtained with Rosina in its standard version.
On request it is possible to vary the sizes of tagliatelle from the standard version.
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