Byk-gardner micro-tri-gloss


Subject: Byk-gardner micro-tri-gloss
The BYK-Gardner Micro-Tri-Gloss recognizes deviations from the specification right away. The 20 degree, 60 degree and 85 degree is all in one - as handy as the one angle unit. Having three geometries in one unit allows you to be in compliance with international standards and to quickly recognize quality variations. All selected geometries are measuring at the same location and the results are displayed instantly, including Difference, Pass/Fail and Statistics. The micro-TRI-gloss has all functions of the new generation readily at hand. Comes complete with instrument, holder with integrated calibration tile, traceable certificate, software easy-link, PC-cable, operating manual, battery and carrying case. Catalog #GB-4430. Retail Price $4,176 (Used)