Bush-whacker T180


Subject: Bush-whacker T180
This is a 15 ft Flex-Wing rotary cutter. It has a 3/16 inch deck. The structural frame of the mower is 2 inch by 3 inch tubing with 1/4 inch wall thickness. It has 1/4 inch I-Beam sides instead of 1/4 inch flat steel. The gearboxes are mounted to 1/2 inch plates that are welded to the 3/16" deck
6 bolt mounting gearboxes-heads are tack-welded to the bottom of deck so one man can tighten the nuts or change the gearbox
Blades are 1/2" by 4" instead of traditional 1/2" by 3 1/2"
Hinges-3" by 4" tubing with grease fittings