Bush hog 665H 3PT backhoe for john deere,montana,oliver


Subject: Bush hog 665H 3PT backhoe for john deere,montana,oliver
Brand New Black Bush Hog Model 665H, Cat 1 & 2, 3-Point Mounted Backhoe.
* Specifically designed for smaller Compact Tractrors with 15 to 35 PTO HP.
* Comes Complete & Ready to install!
* Price includes a 13" wide Bucket!
* Price also includes Hydraulic Hoses & Tips.
* This Listing is for a Green Backhoe (Blue shown in photo for reference).
* Bush Hog Backhoes have powerful Digging Forces. They are rugged, extremely well made, affordable Commercial Quality Backhoes, and we are Glad to make them available at UnBeatable Prices!!!
Specifications are as follows:
* 7'- 0" Maximum Digging Depth.
* 6'- 6" Digging Depth with 2' Flat Bottom.
* 180 Degree Horizontal Swing Arc & Bucket rotation.
* 5'-0" Loading Height w/Bucket at 60degrees.
* 8'- 6" Reach from Center Line of Swing Pivot.
* 2450lb's of Bucket Cylinder Digging Force.
* 1250lb's of Dipstick Cylinder Digging Force!
* Hydraulic Req's are 4 to 5GPM & 2250PSI.
* Weight less Bucket is 654lb's.
Plus, we are glad to say, all Bush Hog products are Made in the USA!!!
* For more info, e-mail or call us at .