Busch / hill-rom vacuum pump: 10 hp ra-0250C


Subject: Busch / hill-rom vacuum pump: 10 hp ra-0250C
Brand: Busch. Sold by Hill-Rom and Ohmeda as Medical Vacuum Pumps.
Model: RA-0250 C406 1001 / Serial Number: D9359
Motor: 10 HP. 3 Phase. 60 amp 230-460 / Displacement: 183 CFM:
Vacuum Level: 29.6 " Hg (7 Torr)
Condition: This pump has been overhauled. New Gaskets, Seals, Bearings & Vanes have been installed. The filters and oil have been changed.
These pumps were originally marketed by Hill-Rom & Ohmeda as the P6911-9017-006, in their 10 HP medical vacuum systems. Hill-Rom price was $15,229 for this pump. They are fairly common in hospitals and various industrial applications. This is the RA - super version, with four exhaust filters.
We can also convert this pump to the RC version, where the deeper vacuum is not necessary, but continuous duty is desired - as used in hospitals.
Thank you for taking the time to look and feel free to e-mail me with any questions.