Burleigh ultra high vacuum 1100 stage


Subject: Burleigh ultra high vacuum 1100 stage
Burleigh Ultra High Vacuum 1100 Stage
For large loads or multidimensional geometries, UHV series motors can be supplied with a UHVL translation stage. This stage uses crossed-roller bearings and a vacuum-compatible dry lubricant. Unfinished aluminum is used for the stage body, a material providing minimum outgassing, low mass and improved settling time. The stage includes a high-rigidity mount for the motor and integral forward and reverse limit switches. The UHVL stage has a range of motion of 25 mm. The platform measures 75 mm x 75 mm, and it is stackable for X-Y motion.
UHVL INCHWORM« motors provide a high-performance alternative to complex, delicate and imprecise mechanical feedthrough systems for precision positioning inside ultra-high vacuum (UHV) chambers. UHVL motors are constructed to allow bakeout at 150║C for extended periods. These motors have been operated successfully in vacuum systems with base pressures of 10-11 torr, attesting to their extremely low outgassing characteristics.
The outgassing rate of these motors is less than 1 x 10-10 torr-liters/second. Though the resolution is similar to other INCHWORM motors, the motion profi le is somewhat different. The motion discontinuity (glitch) at the clamp change typically is 1 ╬╝m, but the direction of the glitch is always in one direction. This prevents contacting an object that is being approached in extremely fine increments.
UHVL motors are available with wide range of motion lengths. They have a maximum speed of 0.7 mm/sec for small loads (<100 g). UHV stages are available for mounting large loads or for multi-dimensional motion.
These motors require only electrical feedthroughs for truly remote operation. The motors are supplied with high-voltage contacts for electrical connection via user-supplied wires and vacuum wall feedthroughs. The user supplies the wiring internal to the chamber, including the electrical feedthrough. EXFO supplies a pigtailed two-meter cable for external chamber connection to EXFO 8200
* Positioning probes, samples and piezo scanning tubes in a scanning tunneling microscope
* Positioning zone plates, apertures or samples in synchrotrons subjected to high radiation and magnetic fi elds
* Scanning samples in an electron microscope or secondary ion mass spectrometer
* Positioning a read/write head in a high-capacity magnetic tape drive
Pictures (more available upon request)
* Maximum range of motion: Standard 25 mm range of motion, X or Y axis
* Mechanical resolution: < 1 nm
* Maximum axial load: 0.7 kg
* Maximum lateral load: 0.1 kg
* Operating temperature: 10 to 70░C
* Bakeout temperature: 150░C
* Motor: UHVL-045 (solid shaft)
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