Burleigh freedom 8600 6-axis controller


Subject: Burleigh freedom 8600 6-axis controller
Burleigh Freedom 8600 6-axis Controller
The 8600 series controllers can operate one, two, or three axes per chassis of either open-or closed-loop INCHWORM® motors. These controllers use front panel controls or an optional handset, or remote RS-232 or optional GPIB protocols to control the INCHWORM motor direction and speed, and to start and stop motion. Axes can be controlled separately or run simultaneously. The power supplies and motion control circuitry of the 8600 series are specially designed for the highest signal-to-noise ratio on the drive signals for maximum precision and stability. These controllers suppress radiated noise associated with other piezo controllers. The 8600 series is immune to sources of noise that could affect encoder signals.
The 8600 controller is designed for use with IW-800 open and closed loop series INCHWORM motors and TSE-820 series integrally encoded stages. UHV series motors also can be operated with the 8600 if the proper connector is used. The 8600 automatically recognizes the connected motor on power up so the motor can be used immediately without the need for any configuration changes for standard linear motion. If a motor is used for rotation, the tangent radius can be input and angular units chosen for display.
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