Burleigh WA7000 digital wavemeter


Subject: Burleigh WA7000 digital wavemeter
Burleigh WA7000 Digital Wavemeter
The WA-7000 Multi-line Wavemeter combines Burleigh’s proven scanning Michelson interferometer-based technology with advanced digital processing. The result is the ability to measure and differentiate the absolute wavelengths of up to 200 discrete optical signals. The accuracy of these measurements is ± 1.5 pm. What’s more, the WA-7000 can simultaneously measure the individual powers of the discrete optical signals.Unlike other multi-wavelength meters, the WA-7000 provides the full optical spectrum for the most precise WDM channel analysis. Its spectral resolution of 50 pm results in a narrow, sharp-edged spectral response, so discrimination between closely spaced WDM channels is easily achieved.The WA-7000 Multi-line Wavemeter automatically processes measurement data to provide various information that is critical to WDM system performance. In addition to resolving the individual optical carriers and accurately confirming their wavelengths and powers, the WA-7000 calculates parameters such as channel spacing, drift, and signal-to-noise ratios for the most complete WDM channel analysis.
1270 – 1680 nm (178 – 236 THz)
nm (vacuum or standard air), cm-1, GHz
FC/PC connector standard, FC/APC connector optional
GPIB (IEEE-488.2), VGA Monitor Port, Floppy Disk Drive
This unit has been verified operational by Bristol Instruments. It was also fully calibrated in 2002 and it has been unused since that time except to verify its operation. For further inquiries, please call x6019
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