Burkle xp roller coater model akld-l 700 31" roll width


Subject: Burkle xp roller coater model akld-l 700 31" roll width
This roll coater was built to coat thin coatings of a 100% solids UV cured coating top and bottom of printed circuit boards. This type of work is no longer done in North America, so the roll coater needs a new application.
It is designed to coat top and bottom sides of a flat substrate simultaneously with good control of the coating weights of either. Coating weight is controlled by fine adjustment of the pressure between each pair of coating and metering rolls. There is a hand wheel adjustment with position indicator that moves the metering roll in and out for each of the metering rolls, and a small pneumatic cylinder that presses the metering roll against the coating roll. Internal gearing ensures that the metering roll remains paralell to the coating roll at all times. The three main coating motors are Baldor 56C AC motors 208-230/460V. The gap closing and output conveyor motors are Emoti 277/480V. Gear boxes are by Lenze. The main coating rolls are driven by an 850 rpm 1/6 hp motor (though it is big enough to be 1 hp, it must have been custom built for the 850 rpm). The main gear box is 180 rpm, the resulting max roll speed with the current set up is 8 feet per minute. It would be quite simple to bump the max motor speed as high as 3000 rpm for up to 32 feet per minute without changing the gear box. Additional speed increases are possible but would require modifying the speed reduction ratio. Speed decreases from the nominal 8 feet per minute would be easy with the use of a frequency drive to control the motor speed.
All of the electrics on this roll coater are Class 1 Division 1 Group D. All motors are wired to a single explosion proof junction box by Stahl. All pushbuttons and controls are wired to a second explosion proof junction box, all limit switches are wired to a third explosion proof junction box. Limit switches/controls seem mostly if not all Stahl units. The wiring stops at the junction boxes. When it was removed, the wiring was cut off here. We would be willing to design and install a control system for this roll coater if you are interested in it. Price would be negotiable.
There is one motor that drives the two coating rolls, each metering roll has its own dedicated motor, the gap between both coating rolls is adjusted by a fourth motor, and there is one motor for the parts feeding conveyor on the inlet side of the coater.
The coating rolls on this coater are threaded rubber rolls, and the metering rolls are flat stainless steel rolls. Top and bottom rubber rolls have 64 threads per inch. Roll diameter is about 6.25 inches. There are spare rubber rolls with different thread spacing to allow different coating ranges to be achieved. The rolls could also be reground and rethreaded to a different spacing if necessary.
There is one large coating pan below the coating and metering rolls, it is sized to catch overflow from any of the 4 rolls, and has a central drain. The coating liquid supply/recirculation pump is not included, though there is an electrical receptacle installed for one. A coating supply pump could be arranged as well its selection depending on the application.
Power Voltage 380V (looks like it has been converted to 480)
Top coating roll has a top liquid feed into reservoir formed between coating and metering roll, metering roll pressure adjusts for top side coating weight control
Bottom coating roll has top liquid feed as well, and metering roll pressure is adjusted for bottom side coating weight control.