Burgmaster six spindle turret drilling +tapping machine


Subject: Burgmaster six spindle turret drilling +tapping machine
BURGMASTER Six Spindle Turret Drilling and Tapping Machine, Model 2DCP, S/N 2C 238407 (New Approximately 1980)
(12) Preselective spindle speeds, three ranges
Work height, spindle nose to table, head up
Work height, spindle nose to table, head up
Feed, infinitely variable and preselective for each
Rapid traverse, pre-selective in length for each
Depth control, pre-selective in length for each
Electric feed system: Manual by fast or or slow Jog Control, Semi-Automatic, or
Spindle Cycle Selector: allows complete automatic cycling. Each of the six spindles
can be programmed individually by the flick of the assigned thumbwheel. Rapid
approach points are adjustable through a cam setting. Automatic retraction at the
end of the machining operation (drilling, reaming, dwell for counterboring,
and boring). The turret then indexes bringing the tool into the new position. The
slide rapid traverses down to the new feed engagement point and the new pre-
selected machining operation occurs.
Spindle Function Selector is also programmed by thumbwheel. It provides the Cycle
Stop mode-that is, stopping the automatic cycle operation on a given spindle at the
conclusion of the spindle's preassigned cycle and also preselects the motor speed.
Key lock selector switch for Indexer Auto Enable
Rheastat for Reciprocating Feed (peck drill)
(6) 1/32"-1/2" Capacity ALBRECHT keyless drill chucks
External coolant pump and tank
2-1 H.P. 3/60/220-440 volt two-speed drive motor coupled to a two step belt drive
Machine is wired for 440 volt operation.
(F.O.B. Truck, Hauppauge - Long Island, NY)