Burgmann thermosiphon system TS2000 & hand refill pump


Subject: Burgmann thermosiphon system TS2000 & hand refill pump
Burgmann Thermosiphon System TS2000 and Hand Refill Pump
TS 2000 Thermosiphon System. With the Burgmann TS system it is possible to supply buffer fluid to double and tandem seals. Equipped as standard with all necessary system connections and brackets. Components can be installed to suit new requirements or seal retrofits at a later date. The vessel is used for the storage, pressure maintenance and cooling of buffer fluid in a sealing circuit. Design and production conform either with the German Pressure Vessel Regulations and the AD Code. Classified in accordance with Section 8, Group II or III. Tested as a prototype by the Bavarian Technical Inspectorate (TUV). Quality assured. Pressure-loaded welds buttwelded or counter butt-welded by MAG and TIG process. Sockets with recessed gasket (no contamination of the circuit by thread sealant). Cooling water connection OUT at the top and IN at the bottom, for venting and draining.
Pressure vessel with torispherical heads. Sight-glass for level monitoring and incorporated cooling coil. (All threaded connections to DIN/ISO 228. Assembly holes also in accordance with DIN 28162).
Cooling coil volume: 0.5 litres
Permissable operating pressure: 30 (20) 3) bar
Permissable operating temperature: -60 . . +200 deg. C) 3)
Working volume MAX-MIN: 1.8 litres
Cooling capacity version without cooling coil: 0.5 kW 4)
Cooling capacity - natural circulation: 4 kW 2)
Required cooling warer rate: 0.4 cbm/h
1) Design data, permissilbe working values depend on the actual conditions of service
2) Guide lines with buffer fluid water 60 deg. C - cooling water 20 deg. C
3) Operating limits according to ASME Section VIII
4) Guide lines with buffer fluid water 60 deg. C - ambient temperature 20 deg. C
For manual refilling of buffer fluid during operation. The refill unit consists of a storage vessel with level indicator, filler neck and a hand pump. It is mounted directly on the thermosiphon vessel or pressure booster.
Permissible operating pressure: 0 bar
Permissible operating temperature: 60 deg. C
Pumping pressure: 45 bar at 200N hand leverage
Both units are new and in very good condition.
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