Bunn ultra 2 auto fill margarita machine granita slush


Subject: Bunn ultra 2 auto fill margarita machine granita slush
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment: Bunn Ultra 2 Auto Fill Granita Maker Margarita Machine 34000.0004 More Items Available Below - Manufacturer: Bunn - Model: 34000.0004
ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
Bunn Ultra 2 Auto Fill Granita Maker Margarita Machine 34000.0004
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BUNN'S NEW GOURMET ICE - Now, you can take advantage of a complete line of BUNN Gourmet Ice Systems to boost your frozen drink profits. Both the regular and autofill ULTRA models feature easy and quiet operation, reliable performance, and long-term dependability. Features like a patented reversing auger for faster cooling, sliding lids for easy refilling, locking control drawer, and timer for day/night operation make the BUNN Gourmet Ice the only system you should consider. And, you'll increase your profits when you upgrade to BUNN Gourmet Ice Powdered Autofill models by eliminating time for pre-mixing product and refilling drink hoppers. ULTRA-2 PAF
* Gourmet Ice System With Powdered Autofill Hoppers.
* Powdered autofill product hoppers refill product at a rate of 1.1 fluid oz. (.32 ml) second.
* Patented reversing auger design quickens freeze time and reduces air mixing with product.
* Very simple to program and run with touchpad display, which also guides cleaning and preventive maintenance.
* Enhanced no-lube design on faucets and seals which simplifies installation and cleaning.
* Refrigeration system internally monitored to ensure long lasting performance.
* Two large 2 gallon (7.57 litre) hoppers for optimum cooling & serving capacity.
* Full 3-year parts and labor warranty on electronics and 5-year parts warranty on compressor.
* Sanitation listed by NSF to Standard 18 (includes dairy & alcohol) and safety listed by ETL to UL Standard (UL 471) and CSA Standard (C22.2 No. 120).
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ACityDiscount Restaurant Equipment
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