Build your own mobile merry-go-around ,engineered plans


Subject: Build your own mobile merry-go-around ,engineered plans
I am making a limited offering of Engineered Plans,(Drawings,Blueprints) for a Mobile 16 seat Merry-Go-Around. A description of the Merry-Go-Around can be viewed by going to my other items up for sale.
There is a large potential profit of 10's of $$$ thousands of dollars per manufactured ride for the exclusive owner of the plans.
These plans cost me nearly $100,000 to research and develop the final product. They have been developed in accordance to American Standards ASTM, Ul, Canadian Standards and CSA Along with local Regulatory Authorities.
These plans have been copyright protected and can not be reproduced by anyone other than myself.
These drawings contain all the information a machine shop will need to construct the framework as well as information on the electrical components.
I can help supply information if needed on where to source the mechanical parts, these seats are fiberglass and could be made by a fiberglass or body shop or you could find a substatute that will work just as well.
There may be slight changes needed in manufacture to conform to your local authority.
I am selling a limited number of Plans to recover some of my huge initial investment. There are 14 of these units operating in Canada and the United States at this moment. I will not be manufacturing any more rides once the plans are sold.
There is an opportunity here for a person with a vision to manufacture or have this ride manufactured and earn up to $500 per hour or charge it out at $150 per hour rental
This ride is engineered to very high quality standards and proves itself every day all over North America. It is virtually breakdown and maintenance free. There could be one of these rides close to you.
Please ask me any questions that you may have about purchasing complete manufacturing rights and any more pictures that you may need.