Buic 3400 simplex document filmer


Subject: Buic 3400 simplex document filmer
Manufacturer / Dealer: Buic / Document Imaging Supply Co.
The 3400 is a classic camera of compact design ideal for microfilming A4 documents both manually or automatically at 25X reduction. It has an optional automatic feeding device which feeds 3,000 documents of the same thickness per hour and an optional automatic exposure meter.
There is an interchangeable magazine which allows you to take out or replace the exposed film at any time even in daylight conditions. This enables one camera to be used by several different departments.
The 3400 also has optional automatic sequential indexing and three-level blip encoding for automatic document retrieval.
The 3400 is the result of successful innovations and really is a favourite for microfilm bureaux.
The most important functions on the 3400 are constantly monitored. Possible anomalies stop the camera and are visually and audibly signaled at once including film finished, magazine missing/badly inserted, shutter not working and line voltage monitor. The camera stops automatically if a lamp burns out and there is an automatic film advance lamp. The maintenance and inspection are made easier thanks to the simple and quick access to glasses and lamps.
Facilities: REDUCTION RATIOS : 25X
BED SIZE / THROAT WIDTH : 335mm (131/4
Logistics: DIMENSIONS : 420mm (161/2")W x 520mm (201/2")D x 250mm (10")H
LAMP : 24V, 21W - L416.290.001.0
OPTIONAL : A4 Automatic FeederAdditional interchangeable magazines3-Level blip & frame sequential indexAdditional blip magazinesAutomatic exposure control
Comments: This classic rotary camera is ideal for the microfilming of A4 documents either manually or automatically. A favourite of the microfilm bureau.