Buddy extreme duty 850 mortar mixer


Subject: Buddy extreme duty 850 mortar mixer
These newly designed mortar and plaster mixers have the ultimate in mixer operating-safety, quality of mix, mixing speed, and longest mixer life. All three models have the “Patent Pending”Buddy-Halfback engine cab. This unique design provides the ultimate in mixer safety because it allows mixer operation with the engine cab closed…and then, when the cab is in the open position for refueling, all the gear drive components are isolated from the operator’s reach because they are in a separate compartment. Being in a closed compartment keeps cement dust and dirt from accumulating on the gear drive components. All three models also have the patented buddy drum and paddle configuration: About the Paddles: this laboratory- proven design provides an increased level of entrained air…this then makes the mixed-mortar more creamy and actually lowers the temperature of the mixed-mortar by five degrees or more. The benefit to the mason is better spreadability and proven longer board life which results in more time before course-tooling is required. About the Drum: the extreme duty “no dead zone” drum reduces mixing time by up to 30%. Because of its unique shape and being made from ¼” steel plate, these buddy drums are highly dent resistant when being “dry-cleaned” with the mason’s hammer. The benefit to the mason is reduced time required to mix his mortar and longer drum life.
SPECIAL FEATURES: • Heavy-duty 5/8” diameter all- welded grate and the “triple- ever-sharp” bag splitter • Mixer theft prevention axle design which receives the proprietary “locking-leg”…provides a high level of job-site security and better access to the drum when discharging mortar into buggies or pans because the wheel and tire have been removed from the discharge side of the mixer.
MIXER DETAILS: Buddy Extreme Duty 850 Drum Volume 8.6 Cubic Ft Drum Dimensions Diameter 25.5”, Length 28.4 Bag Capacity 2 Bags Engine 8 Dump Chute 21” Flush Right Dump Chute Hgt. 17.625 Inches From Ground Paddle Shaft Dia. 1.5” # Of Paddles 4 + 2 + 2 Tires 13” High Speed Weight 796 lb.
Warranty: All Buddy Extreme Duty Mixers Have The Following: • 2 Year Warranty On The • 1 Year Parts On The Entire • Lifetime Paddle Shaft Bearing And Seal Warranty