Brush wolf 78" skidsteer skid steer rotary mower


Subject: Brush wolf 78" skidsteer skid steer rotary mower
Brand New Heavy Duty Brush Wolf Model 7800 Rotary Mower.
* Will fit all Skidsteers with the New Universal Skidsteer Quick Attach.
* Price includes Base Unit, Hydraulic Motor, Gearbox, Hydraulic Hoses & Flat Face Quick Couplers, it is complete & ready to use!
* Rated for hydraulic systems that have between 15-30 GPM of Hydraulic Flow.
* Base Unit has a 1 Year Warranty, and the Hydraulic Motor has a 3 Year Warranty.
Specifications are as follows;
* Blade Carrier is a 7 Gauge Balanced Pan Type
* Blade Rotation is CCW (Counter Clockwise)
* Cutting Capacity (Diameter) is 3"
* Hydraulic Requirements are 15 - 30 GPM Hydraulic Flow
* PSI Requirements are a Minimum of 2500 PSI and a Maximum of 3500 PSI
Plus we are glad to say that Brush Wolf Mowers are Made in the USA!!!
* Availability can vary from 3 days to 3 weeks.
* For more info, call us at