Brown thermoformer c-3624 continuous roll fed vacuumfor


Subject: Brown thermoformer c-3624 continuous roll fed vacuumfor
POWER REQUIREMENTS: 460volt, 3phase, 60hz primary pwr
115volt, 1phase, 60hz secondary pwr
MAX MOLD: __________34”x26”__________
HEATER TYPE-TOP or BOTTOM: Top and Bottom oven banks, 12 rows of 7 heaters ea
quartz elements 2.5”x5”, 325 watts, 240v
OVEN STYLE: Quartz oven w/banks above and below sheet
OVEN LENGTH: Approximately 37”x28” with upper bank
EDGE HEATERS: _________Unknown__________
INDEX: Electric motor indexing system
STEEL RULE TRIM STATION: _________None_____________
STACKER: _________None_____________
TOP PLATEN OPENING: Upper clamp frame adjustable from maximum size of 34”x26” to minimum size of 17”x13”
BOTTOM PLATEN OPENING: Stroke is 15” maximum
DEPTH DRAW: 8” above sheet line maximum
TRIM PRESS: ___________N/A_____________
UNWIND STAND: Capable of holding one 24” diameter roll of 36” wide
material. Maximum roll weight is 500 lbs.
WEB WINDER: ________Unknown___________
FORM STATION TOGGLES: ________Unknown___________
TRIM STATION TOGGLES: __________N/A______________
CONTROLS: _____Missing Controller______
RUNNING AT PRESENT TIME: ___________No______________