Brown & sharpe universal tool & grinding machine


Subject: Brown & sharpe universal tool & grinding machine
BROWN & SHARPE Universal Tool & Grinding Machine, Model #13, S/N 525-13-2546 (Machine Built 1977, Projectordress Added 1992)
Distance between headstock and footstock centers
Maximum distance between tailstocks
Maximum automatic table travel
Maximum length of work which can be ground
cylindrically with wheel spindle parallel to table
Minimum/Maximum distance centerline of work to
Minimum/Maximum distance center of wheel spindle
Wheelhead swivels, left and right
Angular settings to left and right
Fine screw adjustment for setting tapers up to
Table travel per revolution of handwheel
7" diameter x 1/2" wide x 1-1/4"
"Projectordress" optical dresser with "Factsor" digital display (Used for dressing optical
forms into the grinding wheel)
Universal table, workhead, and wheelhead
Dual live/dead headstock spindle
Fine cross feed knob (graduated to 0.0001" work diameter)
Vertical handwheel graduated to read to .0005"
Anti-friction bearings for wheelhead spindle
1 H.P. 3/60/220-440 volt wheelhead motor and electrical controls