Brown & sharpe no. 2 square base screw machine


Subject: Brown & sharpe no. 2 square base screw machine
Brown & Sharpe No. 2 Square Base Screw Machine
Model: 2 S/N: 542-2-3400
Spindle capacity-round ¾ in.
Number of spindle speeds(two speed combinations) 240
Spindle speeds-r.p.m. -Fastest 5050
Number of high speeds 18
Spindle speeds- r.p.m.(high speed range) -Fastest 5050
Horsepower required at maximum capacity 5
Thirteen or fourteen low speeds available for each high speed in approximate ratios 1.6:1 to 15:1
Driveshaft speed r.p.m. 240 or 120
Regular turning length with 240 r.p.m. driveshaft speed 2½ in.
Long turning length with 120 r.p.m. driveshaft speed 3 ½ in.
Maximum length of feed stroke at driveshaft speed -240 r.p.m. 2 ¾ in.
Number of tool holes in the regular turret 6
Diameter of tool holes in turret 1 in.
Diameter of turret - 6 hole 5 in.
Maximum distance between turret and chuck - 6 hole 7 ½ in.
Maximum diameter tool turret will swing 3 in.
Greatest distance tools can project beyond turret
Tools of maximum diameter - 6 hole 3 7/8 in.
Movement of cross slide 1 ¾ in
This machine has been cleaned, cycled and painted. You may inspect this machine under power at our facility.
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