Brown & sharpe 618 with optidress


Subject: Brown & sharpe 618 with optidress
Brown & Sharpe 618 with Optidress
Model: 618 Micromaster Year: 1965 S/N: 523-6181-2379
Width and length of work ground 6 x 18 in.
Height of work ground (with 8 in.
diameter wheel) on machine 15 in.
Removable unit type with Oriflex drive 1 HP
Super precision ontification bearing unit
Oriflex drive spindle use wheels 8 in. diameter,
½ in. thick with 1 ¼ in. hole
Slides on one V and one flat way
Hydraulic, any desired feed from 5 to 100
Maximum longitudinal travel 22 in.
Hydraulic, any desired feed from 0.01 to 0.25 in.
available at each reversal of power longitudinal
Continuous hydraulic transverse feed of 10 in./minute
Continuous hydraulic transverse feed of 12 ft./minute
provided for rapid transverse positioning of wheel
Hand wheel, has adjustable dial graduated to read
Fine feed knob, adjacent to hand-wheel is graduated
Vertical (Wheel Spindle Slide)
Handwheel has adjustable dial graduated to
A fine feed knob, mounted adjacent to the
handwheel, is graduated to indicate
vertical adjustments to 0.0001 in.
One revolution at handwheel moves
With handwheel on bed 15 ¾ in.
Optidress Model E – SN 7112552
A unique optical and electronic system for precision form profiling grinding wheels, functioning independently of templates, crushers and angular setting devices. Designed to increase the output and skills of the expert, and boost the confidence and productivity of the less experienced operator, by allowing him to see, and measure exactly what is happening at all stages of an otherwise complicated operation.
System 620 – Non-contact, on-machine precision measuring unit which overcomes skill shortages and enables operators to control to high accuracies during machining process with magnified image of 10X, 20X, 25X, 50X and 100X viewed on a high definition monitor.
Digital readout system to -.00005 and provided with reticles which show angular radial and grid graduations for direct measurement of the workpiece.
This unit, when fitted to a surface grinding machine, enables constant viewing of both workpiece and grinding wheel and provides the operator with facilities normally associated w/inspection departments, thereby ensuring a higher accuracy, zero scrap, more profitability.
High Resolution Measuring Module
This incorporates a high resolution CCD camera and optical lens system with reticles when coupled with the high density monitor image of workpiece can be viewed.
Unit is ideally suited to a variety of machines and inspection facilities such as tool setters, cylindrical grinding applications, turning, etc. When fitted to XY slide movement coupled to a digital readout, precise movements can be achieved for accurate measurement for in-process gauging.
6 x 18 Walker Fine Line Electromagnetic Chuck
OA Dimensions (LXWXH) 66 x 59 x 75 in.
This machine came from an IBM model making shop. This tile floored and climate-controlled laboratory facility was one of the cleanest and best equipped we have seen. Those of you who have experience with IBM’s manufacturing facilities will have some appreciation for the quality and condition of these goods.
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