Brown & sharpe, 6"X18" visual grind, form grinder


Subject: Brown & sharpe, 6"X18" visual grind, form grinder
Model No. 618 Micromaster Visual Grind, Serial No. 523-6181-1373, 1963
Distance of Surface Ground above Top of Table using Visual Grind: 4-1/2" - 8-1/2"
Max. Grinding Wheel Size: 7" diameter
Table Working Surface: 6" x 18"
Longitudinal Hyd. Feed Rate: 5 to 50 feet per minute
Longitudinal Handwheel, one revolution moves table: 2"
Maximum Longitudinal Travel: 15"
Cross Feed Hyd. Amount: .01 to .25
Cross Feed Rapid Positioning: 10" per minute
Cross Feed Rapid Positioning: 12' per minute
Cross Handwheel Graduations: .0002"
Cross Fine Feed Graduations: .0001"
Maximum Transverse Movement: 7"
Vertical Handwheel Graduations: .0002"
Vertical Fine Feed Graduations: .001"
Vertical Handwheel, one revolution moves grinding wheel: .05"
Maximum Vertical Adjustment: 14-3/4"
Net Weight, approx.: 3,000 lbs.
Upgraded 500 Watt Variable Output Lightsource
Blower Cooled Lamphouse ~ 18" x 18" Viewing Screen
18" Diameter Vernier Screen ~ 20x & 50x Lens
Walker 6" x 12" Fine Pole Permanent Magnetic Chuck
1HP Cartridge Type Grinding Spindle ~ 3600 RPM ~ 220/440/3/60
3/4HP Hydraulic Pump Motor ~ Machine is currently wired 220 volts
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