Brown & sharpe 2G screw machine


Subject: Brown & sharpe 2G screw machine
Brown & Sharpe Screw Machine
Model: 2G New: 1947 Serial Number: 14298
Greatest length that can be turned at one movement 3 in.
Greatest length that can be fed at one movement
Driving shaft 240 R.P.M. 2½ in.
Driving shaft 120 R.P.M. 4 in.
Number of combinations of high and low spindle speed 100
Fastest & slowest spindle speeds, r.p.m. 2150 & 67
Diameter of holes in turret 1 in.
Greatest distance tools can project from standard 6 hole turret 3 7/8 in.
Greatest distance between turret and chuck 6 hole turret 6 ¾ in.
Least distance between turret & chuck 6 hole turret 3 in.
Movement of cross slide 1 ¾ in.
Floor Space L x W 84¼ x 34 in.
F & R tool post Inspect under power
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