Brown & sharp techmaster surface grinder


Subject: Brown & sharp techmaster surface grinder
Catalog Specifications: Electro magnetic chuck 8” x l8” Max. height over chuck(under 7” wheel)approx. 19” Max. long. table travel 22” Maximum cross travel 9.5” Maximum vertical travel of wheelhead 20” Hole grinding wheel 8” o.d. x l” wide x 1-l/4” Table speed longitudinal, vari rate 5 to 100 FPM Table cross feed incremental rate at each reversal .0l0” to .50” Cross truing rate 0-20 IPM Cross travel travel rate 75 IPM Vert powered rapid position of wheel head 32 IPM Equipped with: “Cycle size” - Auto Cycle System Power Down Feed Trabon Modu-Lube Auto Lube System O.S. Walker Electro-Magnetic Chuck Nuetrofier Rectifier Auto Cross Feed Reversal Coolant System 3 HP l800 RPM Spindle/230/460/3/60
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