Brother model tc 229 n cnc drill/tap/mill center


Subject: Brother model tc 229 n cnc drill/tap/mill center
You are invited to purchase and/or "Make Your Best Offer" on a "excellent conditioned" Brother CNC Model Number Tc-229 N Drill/Tap/Mill Center manufactured in 1996 Serial Number 111779. This CNC Brother has a Brother CNC 620 Controller, 10,000 Rpm's, 30 Taper Spindle, 14 Tool Automatic Toolchanger, 18.9" x 14.2" x 10.6" Travels and purchase includes approximately 16 various 30 Taper Toolholders and Operation and Service Manuals. This machine was just taken out of service in the past days and is a "excellent" machine tool that work is all aspects.
A new Brother TC-229 N sells in excess of $70,000.00 and if one is considering a new machine they might want to consider this machine as all uses of Brothers know that, if taken care of, never wear out. appointment.
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