Brinsea octagon 250 incubator w/ autoturn cradle & H122


Subject: Brinsea octagon 250 incubator w/ autoturn cradle & H122
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Brinsea Octagon 250 Digital w/Cradle & H122
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Brinsea Octagon 250 with Autoturn Cradle & H122 Humidity Management Module
Brinsea Octagon 250 with Autoturn Cradle
& H122 Humidity Management Module
The Octagon 250 is made from tough molded plastic for easy cleaning & disinfection.
available by request when ordered
Both the Incubator and the Humidity Management Module require a 115 Volt source.
Full function, reliable, versatile incubator widely used for all kinds of species
* A fundamental re-appraisal of incubator design has resulted in the cylindrical shape and Omnitherm™ heating of these top quality larger incubators.
* Their state-of-the-art performance makes the Octagon 250 digital suitable for exotic species, game, waterfowl, ostrich and emu. The Octagon 250 Digital can hold the equivalent of 180 hens eggs (6 Ostrich).
The Octagon 250 Digital incubator is designed to compliment the Modular Hatcher to create professional quality, comprehensive incubation system.
The Octagon 250 Digital Incubator is shaped to the way air flows. Moulded cabinet construction enables the shape to break away from conventional square shapes. Careful analysis of the behaviour of air vortices has lead to the unique shape of the Octagon 250 series. The cylindrical shape and absence of internal corners perfectly matches the natural movement of air resulting in unparalleled temperature consistency. (Imagine stirring coffee in a square cup!) The lack of corners makes the cleaning and sterilizing the inside easy and certain.
Omnitherm™ heater technology optimizes temperature control and distribution.
The Octagon 250 incorporates the proven Omnitherm™ heating technology . The eggs, encircled by unique film, low thermal inertia heating elements are assured the most precise control of temperature.
The application of technological advances in materials and components, tight quality control and numerous innovative design features, have resulted in an incubator capable of successfully hatching the most demanding exotic species, ratites and reptiles. But still at a price and simplicity to be attractive to the domestic poultry breeder, too.
Brinsea Products pioneered the use of electronic temperature controls in domestic incubators and the Octagon 250 series are fitted with a refined design which maintains temperature to within +/- 0.2C within the entire egg space yet allows wide temperature range adjustment and a high level of discrimination.
'Omnitherm' heating provides gentle warming from almost the entire surface of the cylindrical walls, offsetting the heat losses from the cabinet where they occur. The large surface, low temperature elements have very low thermal inertia and allow very close control. The low thermal stresses involved ensure that the elements also have a very long life.
The ventilation and temperature controls are conveniently mounted on the front of the machine along with the filler for the water reservoir, thermometer, window and interior light switch. The fan has a brushless DC motor and is reliable and vibration free, of the type used widely in the computer industry.
Since the whole incubator is rotated through 90 degrees to turn the eggs, the egg chamber is free of all internal mechanisms. The Octagon 250 digital can be used without the Auto-turn base for special purposes such as the incubation of reptiles.
Turning is performed automatically by the Autoturn base unit which incorporates logic control for programmable timing and centering. (The Octagon series can be manually turned if required, by rolling into the different octagonal faces.)
Eggs are held in a choice of removable trays. 'Universal' trays have adjustable dividers so that a wide variety of egg sizes can be accommodated. Alternatively, industry standard 'egg flats' are available which give higher density setting accommodation of certain species. Any combination of egg trays can be accommodated together. Special trays are available for ostrich and emu or rhea eggs.
The Octagon 250 is supplied as standard with four universal trays. Additional trays are available. Although it is possible to hatch in the Octagon 100 we recommend the use of a still air hatcher - particularly for game birds - and the Brinsea Modular Hatcher system is designed for this purpose.
To hatch in the Octagon 250 series incubators hatching covers are available to contain emerging chicks within the universal trays but because of the extra height of the covers they limit the capacity to two egg trays in the Octagon 250.
The Octagon 250 series includes standard the H122 Humidity Management Module with digital readout of % relative humidity. this unit senses the humidity in the egg chamber and pumps in the exact amount of water to constantly maintain the humidity level selected. The digital display confirms the achieved humidity level.
The Octagon 250 series is compatible with the T100 temperature alarm module.
Modular Hatcher Systems have been specifically designed to compliment the Octagon 250 digital when used as setters. These are available in two sizes for Ratites (Ostrich, Emu) or for other birds. These are ‘still air’ hatchers, each comprising an insulated cabinet and front loading drawer style egg tray. Each unit is independently controlled and the construction allows any number of units to be stacked, to form a chest of drawers, to match the output from as many incubators as the system requires.
* See Optional Accessories below for accessories to meet your most demanding applications.
Optional Accessories (not included):
* 7 Sets of nine egg dividers
* T100 Temperature Alarm Module
* Spot Check Digital Thermometer
* Egg-Lume high intensity candling lamp
* Cool-Lume high intensity candling lamp
* Digital egg weighing balance
* Precision Digital egg weighing balance
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