Briggs&stratton home standby generator w/200AMP switch


Subject: Briggs&stratton home standby generator w/200AMP switch
This generator willcome with a 200 amp whole hosue transfer switch this unit will run up to a 4ton ac unit dont deal with transfer switches that make you choose what you want to use in your house when you can use your whole house and turn on what you want
Model Number with A/C Power Control Module™ Upgrade071009*
Switch TypeNema 3, Indoor or Outdoor
Dimensions (LxWxH)16" x 7" x 22"
Running Watts LP/NG 15,000W (LP) / 14,000W (NG)
Surge Watts LP/NG 18,500W (LP) / 17,000W (NG)
Voltage120/240V AC, Single Phase, 1.0 pf
Amps LP/NG 120/240v125/62.5 (LP), 116.7/58.3 (NG)
Alternator TypeBrushless Design
Fuel TypeLiquid Propane, Natural Gas
BTU’s / Hour @ 1/2 load124,044 (LP) / 124,942 (NG)
Sound AttenuationSound Shield™ Technology
Battery with Trickle ChargerYes
Diagnostic Alerts with Remote System StatusLow Oil Shutdown, Fail to Start, Low Frequency, Engine Overspeed, Low Voltage, Low Battery Voltage, Oil Temp High, Transfer Switch Fault
Dimensions (LxWxH)48" x 33" x 30.5"
Run up to two four-ton central airs in addition to essential items while protecting against AC overload.
Controlled to heat up when the temperature drops ensuring smooth starting and engine operation.
Includes special UL air filter, pre-cleaner, spark plugs, oil filter, and synthetic oil.
Gives you automatic, uninterupted power for home essentials:
High Value Features to Keep You Running
Fully Automatic - Advanced electronics will detect a utility power outage and automatically start the generator whether you are home or away. (Our manual 7kW generator offers an affordable option with remote start. You just flip a switch located inside your home.)
Continuous Fuel Supply - A permanent connection to natural gas or propane delivers uninterrupted performance with no messy gasoline storage and refueling.
Contemporary, Space-Saving Design - Offers a compact yet functional design for location flexibility and an attractive, subtle yard presence.
Quiet Operation - Engineered air passages, an automotive-style exhaust system and acoustic foam dampeners ensure quiet operation.
Durable Outdoor Enclosure - Each EmPower system features professional rustproofing and premium Storm Grey automotive paint for maximum durability and all-weather protection.
Computer-Friendly Power - Advanced alternator technology provides safe and stable power for computers and other sensitive electronics.
4 Year Limited Warranty - Your guarantee of quality & performance.