Bridge saw to cut granite slabs marble slabs


Subject: Bridge saw to cut granite slabs marble slabs
Take your stone fabrication company to the next level of production!
How does doubling your profit sound? Perhaps triple? The easiest way to making more money is to increase the number of jobs your shop can do. The Patriot M127-18 reduces the time needed to cut slabs along with reducing labor costs for cutting slabs. Makes cutting countertops and vanities a breeze. The Patriot M127-18 is designed and built in the United States. The Patriot M127-18 has a touch screen control with easy to read display. Powerful 10-15hp motor cuts through stone with ease. A laser alignment guide makes setting up cuts easier and faster.
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* Tri-mode operation; Manual, semi-auto, and fully auto modes
* Saw head functions controlled from main control panel - all modes
* Swivel mounted operator interface panel - touch screen and speed controls
* Pendant control for manual operations
* Auto cross travel with step-cut sequence, 10 programmable cut dimensions
* Digital display Arbor motor amperage read-out via touch screen
* Last cut sequence for bottom edge of hard stone
* Cross travel drive - rack and pinion with variable speed AC motor w/VF control
* Cross travel movement on precision linear ball bearings and hardened, ground steel rails
* Automatic solenoid for water activation when blade starts
* Easy-remove aluminum blade safety guard - blade changes made easy
* Proximity sensors for three axis saw over-travel protection
* Hydraulic controlled tilt table, up to 75 degree tilt
* Items quoted as standard features, previously as options.
* 10" x 10" x ½" tubing bridge structure
* 6" x 4" x 3/16" End rail structure
* 1018 CR plate steel saw head structure
* W6 x 15 wide flange beam rails
* 1 ½ x 1 ½ CR bar rail tracks
* C8 x 11.5# channel tilt table structure
* Locking flange diameter 6"
* Height from floor to table surface: 32”
* Overall height: 9’-10” (app.)
* Rail height from floor: 50”
* Centerline saw blade (min.):36” Centerline saw blade (max.):52” (Height dimensions for 18” blade only)
Complete fabrication, components, assembly, and painting of Granite Saw. All systems
tested and ready for operation. Operations manual, wiring schematic, and parts list.
15 hp main arbor motor, 1 speed. $795.00
Steel structural foundation for std 16’ rail (Instead of concrete wall) $2,500.00
Motorized bridge rotation 0 to 50 degree with indicator $6,200.00
Auto mode concrete table decking feature $875.00
Additional auto cut sequence parameters, up to 30 cuts $875.00
Additional options available upon request
Mechanical components, six ( 6 ) months or factory warranty term whichever is longer
Electrical components 60 days or factory warranty term, whichever is longer.
Motor limited warranty one ( 1 ) year based on factory assessment.
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