Branson delta sonics ultrasonic cleaning generator


Subject: Branson delta sonics ultrasonic cleaning generator
This listing is for a Delta Sonics ultrasonic cleaning generator. This was manufactured for an industrial-sized Branson ultrasonic cleaner, but can be used for various size tanks and applications.
* Power: 480V / 60Hz / 5.0 Amp / 3 Phase
* Manufacture Date: Dec 1993
There is essentially an endless range of possible loads
that the generator (or any) can drive. The frequency must be matched
(usually 40kHz or higher in the semi industry)and the max power output
of the generator must match the max power input of the load. The
MG-1800 was designed to have a nominal max output of 1800 watts and drive 36
ultrasonic "elements". The load generally takes one of two forms, an
immersible transducer which is one or more "shoebox" type devices that
are thrown into a tank to introduce ultrasonics or a tank to which
ultrasonic components have been bonded. The latter is most widely used in
the semi industry. Works great with a stainless steel tank with 36) 40kHz ultrasonic "elements" externally bonded to the bottom or one side.
This is used, but in near-mint condition. It was used in a cleanroom at Intel. It is in proper, working condition.
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