Brandt 6500 mach 7 change counter/coin sorter


Subject: Brandt 6500 mach 7 change counter/coin sorter
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This counter has been tested and works perfectly!
We have tested it repeatedly, and found it to be accurate 10 out of 10 times sorting about two quarts of misc coins.
Although we are unable to test every feature of this machine, we guarantee it to be fully functional. I believe it only needs very basic maintenance, and to be setup by a qualified professional.
It is missing the top plastic cover. We just wedged a piece of paper into the sensor swtich that the plastic cover usually presses, and it worked fine.
The MACH 7 is a high speed coin sorter/counter suitable for high volume applications.
The MACH 7 increases throughput in high coin volume applications by accurately sorting and counting up to 4000 coins per minute. Productivity is enhanced with the MACH 7's built-in automatic feeder and an extra large tilting inspection pan which holds up to 5000 coins (not included)
Selectable bag stops and batch and grand totals are easily accessed via a direct keypad. A two-line alpha-numeric display conveys operational messages at a glance. With few moving parts and simplified electronics, the ; MACH 7 is easy to use and maintain.
The MACH 7 sorts coin into bags providing easy adaptability to virtually any high coin volume environment.
The MACH 7 with Management Information Control System (MICS) option provides for three levels of memory. The media register accepts positive and negative multiple inputs.
Other options include an RS232 interface, currency counter interface, inspection pan magnet, front locking security doors, remote display and printer.
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