Boonton 4532 dual channel rf-cw power meter.10K-40GHZ


Subject: Boonton 4532 dual channel rf-cw power meter.10K-40GHZ
Boonton 4532 Dual Channel RF Peak Power Meter can make Peak, CW Power and RF Voltage measurements at high speed from 10 Hz to 40 GHz - (Sensor Dependent).
Frequency Range: 10 Hz to 40 GHz
Dynamic Range: Peak Power >60 dB CW Power -90 dB
Synchronous/Asynchronous Triggering
Dual-channel statistical measurements (CDF/PDF)
Modulation bandwidth to 20 MHz
The 4532 is More than a Simple RF Power Meter. It Measures CW Power, Peak Power, Voltage, and Perfoms Statistical Power Analysis (CDF and PDF) as Well. It Provides Seamless CW Power Measurement Over It's Broad dynamic Range, Without the Interruptions and Nonlinearities caused by Range Cahnges Required by Lesser Power Meters.
Modulation Bandwidths up to 20 MHz: This Make the Boonton 4532 the Best Choice for Measuring CDMA, W-CDMA, CDMA2000, TDMA, GSM, GSM-EDGE, GPRS, OFDM, HDTV, and UMTS With the Flexibility to Accommodate New Modulation Schemes in the Futere.
Powerful Triggering: Effective Sampling Rates up to 50 MSamples/sec. and Programmable Cursors Give you Instantaneous Power Measurements at Precise Time Delays From the Pulse Edge. Time Gated or Power Gated Peak and Average Power Measurements can Also be Done With an Internal or External Trigger. Triggering can be Synchronous or Asynchronous. And the Display can be Adjusted to Pre or Post-trigger to View Any Portion of the Waveform.
Powerful Dual-processor: It Eliminates the Speed Tradeoffs Between Data Acquisition and Output Via GPIB.
High Speed, Floating-Point Digital Signal Processor (DSP): It Performs the Measurements, Gathers and Processes the Power Smples from the Sensors, Time-stamps the Measurements, and Provides Linearity Correction, Gain Adjustment and Filtering, All in Less Than a Microsecond.
SCPI Command Syntax: Makes the Programming Easier.
Modulated Average Power,and Peak Power: The Boonton 4532 Can Measure the True Average Power of Modulated Waveforms, While Providing Important Information About the Instantaneous Peak Power - (using Boonton peak power sensors.) The Absolute Peak Power and Crest Factor are Available, Plus the Held Minimum and Maximum Average Powers for Viewing Long-term Trends. It's Exclusive Peak Tracking Mode Allows Short Term Crest Factor Measurements to be Made on Real Signals Without the Need to Manually Reset the Held Peak Every Time the Signal Level Changes. (Flexible text display shows the measurements for one of both channels, and a "chart recorder" display of average power may be displayed graphically.
Video Output: Detected Logarithmic RF Envelope for External Oscilloscope Monitor.
GPIB Interface: Complies With IEEE-4888.1. Implements AH1, SH1, T6, LE0, SR1, RL1, PP0, DC1, DT1, C0, and E1.
RS-232 Interface: Accepts GPIB Commands (except bus dependent commands).
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