Boonton 4531 110 ghz rf power meter w/ probe 50 40 20


Subject: Boonton 4531 110 ghz rf power meter w/ probe 50 40 20
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Boonton Electronics introduces the 4530 Series RF Power Meter that can make high-speed peak and CW power measurements from 10 Hz to 110 GHz, depending upon the sensor, across a 20 MHz video bandwidth. Designed for production ATE, the 4530 Series is excellent for measuring signals based on wideband modulation formats.
In addition, the power meter provides channel math functions that allow an engineer to display the sum / ratio or difference between channels or between a single channel and a reference measurement.
Boonton Electronics has designed the 4530 Series with statistical analysis features, such as histograms and cumulative distribution functions (CDFs), so it can conduct fast analysis of complex signals, including CDMA and HDTV. The peak power meter can also perform time domain power measurements on GSM, TDMA, and radar signals, as well as Universal Mobile Telephone (UMT) and other mixed mode signals.
The 4530 Series has an effective sampling rate up to 50 Msamples/sec for repetitive signals. Single-shot sampling rate is 2.5 Msamples/sec, yielding a single-shot bandwidth of 700 kHz. It can trigger on signals with a maximum pulse repetition rate of 500 kHz.
Boonton's Peak Power Meters and Analyzers are ideal instruments for a wide range of telecommunications applications:
The Boonton 57318 probe has the following specifications:
* Impedance || RF Connector 50 ohm || N (M)
* Frequency Range (Low Bandwidth): 0.5 - 18 GHz (0.05 - 18 GHz)
* Peak Power Range: -24 to +20 dBm
* CW Power Range: -34 to +20 dBm
* Internal Trigger Range: -10 to +20 dBm
* Overload Rating Pulse || Continuous: 1 W for 1µs || 200 mW
* Fast Risetime (Bandwidth): <15 ns (35 MHz)
* Slow Risetime (Bandwidth): <10 µs (35 kHz)
This system has a single channel and a Boonton 57318 probe.
This item is in excellent condition, working perfectly, and comes with a 14 Day Guarantee Against DOA.
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