Body wrap sauna - - business opportunity for salons


Subject: Body wrap sauna - - business opportunity for salons
Invest $2,700.00 – Make Hundreds…Daily!
Body Wrapping with Infra Red Dry Heat Sauna! A Unique combination for Losing Inches and Cellulite. Imagine ... Working Only 2-3 Hours a Day and Making $600 a Week! We know of no other business opportunity where you can return all your investment in one month working only 10-12 hours a week.
Your 'Actual Cost' of Performing a Body Wrap with One Hour in the Infra Red Sauna is Just $2 per treatment.This sauna unit is energy Efficient and works with 110 Electricity.
The Infra Red Royal Smart Sauna uses very little energy, about the same amount as a small appliance (a hair dryer for example). And with no preheat time, you won't waste energy or time waiting for your Infra Red Royal Smart Sauna to warm up
BODY WRAP Costs vary, depending on where you live, from $60 to $120. A tremendous Profit Potential!
Reducing, weight-loss and cellulite have always been a major problem for women. The Body Wrap is an advanced development that works on shrinking the adipose tissue of fatty pockets, called cellulite, found directly below the surface of the skin. The body wrap process involves wrapping the body with elastic and cotton strips of cloth similar to an ace bandage, which have been soaked and heated to a temperature of 150 degrees in our special detoxifying body, wrap formula. The wrap is applied tightly to areas needing treatment for cellulite and inch loss.
Body wrapping helps eliminate toxins and impurities, reduces cellulite, smoothes, tightens and softens skin, firms and tones, reduces stretch marks plus rejuvenates the whole body. An extra advantage is that you will lose inches
One Royal Smart Infra Red Sauna (See Pictures)
Benefits of the Sauna and the Body Wrap:
Safely Lose Inches (In The Right Places) In Only 1 Hour!
Release Toxins Stored In The Body,
Reduce Water Retention Symptoms,
Reduce Age Spots And Stretch Marks,
Reduce Or Improve the appearance of Cellulite!
The Warming Oven (Holds 50 Wrap Bandages)
Two (2) Gallons Aloe Vera Collagen Wrap Formula (Enough for 200 Wrap Treatments)
Two Gallon of Sea Clay (Enough for 100 treatments)
One Automatic Wrap Roller (re-rolls in 7 seconds)
45 Body Wraps (enough to wrap 3 clients a day)
Two (2) Vinyl Sauna Suits (to keep client warm)
Three (3) 8oz "Miracle Gel" Cellulite Treatment (Sell to Your Clients for Home Care use)
One 32 oz Miracle Gel (for salon use)
One Internal Cleansing Book (learn more about cleansing and detoxifying your body)
125 Body Wrap Brochures (Personalized with your salon name and address plus phone number)
30 Dry Skin Brochures (explains about the benefits of dry skin brushing)
Technician Training DVD (Very Important!)
60 Client Measurement Charts (with medical release form)
Body Wrap Certificate (issued after completed written test)
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