Bliss HP2-200 high-speed press


Subject: Bliss HP2-200 high-speed press
Capacity: 134 Ton (1/16" Above Bottom @ 150 SPM)
Stroke: 4" (Originally 1")
Shut Height Over Bed (SDAU): 18"
Slide Adjustment (Power): 3"
Bed Area: 60" L-R x 42" F-B
Slide Face Area: 60" L-R x 36" F-B
Window Opening: 25" W x 15" H
Distance Bed to Floor: 50"
Speed (Variable): 50 - 150 SPM (15 Ton @ 50 SPM)
Air Clutch and Brake with Selector Controls
Tie Rod Construction
Flush Floor Design
8-Point Gibbing
(2) Air Counterbalance Cylinders to Slide
T-Slotted Bolster Plate (5" Thick)
Automatic Recirculating Lubrication System
Mechanical Variable Speed Drive
25 HP AC Main Drive Motor 230/460/3/60 Currently 460
Electrical Controls (Operators Console)
Dual Palm Button Operation (Pedestal Mounted)
Approximate Overall Dimensions: 115" L-R x 67" F-B x 176" H
Approximate Weight: 62,000 Lbs.(CONSOLE:42"X27"X61")
Serial Number: H54373/HP43008 (New 1965)
P2 F.O.B. Elk Grove, IL - $ 44,500.00
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