Blastworks rotary blasting system


Subject: Blastworks rotary blasting system
Maximum Overall Part Size: 36" W x 36" H x 72" L
Approx. Table Weight Capacity: 5,000 Lbs. Centered Load
Table Speeds: Variable - Range Unknown
(4) Automated Mounted to Carriage
Carriage Travel Across Table: 48"
Feed Rate Across Table: Variable - Range Unknown
Designed to Use 100 Mesh Aluminum Oxide
Media Propulsion Method: Pressure Blast
Allen-Bradley Panel View 550 Control
Storage Capacity: Approx. 30 Recipes
The Rotary Work Table, Horizontal Blast Nozzle Carriage & Tumble Drum Drives are Controlled by Variable Frequency Drive Units for Speed Control.
The Horizontal Carriage Sweeps Between Programmed Limits at a Programmed Speed.
Rotary Table & Horizontal Nozzle Travel Speeds as Well as Vertical Nozzle Level Setting (Above Table) are Forwarded to the Control System from the PLC Upon Recipe Selection.
Equipped With Side Mounted Drive Shaft to be Used with Rotary Drum for Tumble Blasting.
Powered Swing-Out Type Work Door with Pneumatic Door Latch
Wired for 3 Phase, 60 Cycle, 480 Volts
Compressed Air Requirement: 60 PSI, 360 CFM for Blast Nozzles
Machine: 11' 9" L x 12' 9-1/2" W x 17' 8" H
Dust Collector: 3' 9" L x 3' 6" W x 17' 4" H
Machine: 120" L-R x 102" F-B x 135" H
Dust Collector: 206" L-R x 42" F-B x 42" H
Pressure Pot: 60" L-R x 48" F-B x 80" H
Lance Carriage: 84" L-R x 36" F-B x 80" H
Media Adding Unit: 24" L-R x 30" F-B x 40" H
Media Storage Hopper: 115" L-R x 48" F-B x 78" H
Cyclone: 125" L-R x 36" F-B x 60" H