Black ~ 20' pop up display booth, trade show exhibit


Subject: Black ~ 20' pop up display booth, trade show exhibit
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20’ Serpentine Pop Up Display Booth
This display system is the strongest, most durable available on the market today. The patented lightweight frame expands easily, securely locking for an incredible load-bearing strength of 750lbs. This ensures a stable, professional-looking backdrop with no fabric buckling.
Engineered for a lifetime of use and constructed only from high grade materials, this system's second-to-none quality is backed by a guarantee of your full satisfaction.
Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
It takes one person approximately twenty to twenty-five minutes to fully set up this booth. No tools are required; with clear, easy to follow instructions provided.
How Does This Booth Compare To Others?
Worse yet, they can fail to meet show safety regulations and disallowed as an exhibit.
This fact is not readily disclosed by 'bargain' sellers, but one we often hear from businesses needing to replace their system with a better quality. Please read our Quality Review to learn more about what you’re getting.
We exclusively sell online, skipping middlemen to partner directly with only quality manufacturers in large volume. This avoids traditional costly overhead, ensures product satisfaction, allowing for a price far less than what you would pay through a regular dealer.
within the continental U.S.: $172
Click here to see the same pop up in this color
Click here to see the same pop up in this color
Click here to see the same pop up in this color
* (2) Extruded Aluminum Curved Pop Up Frames
* (14) Hinged Magnetic Strip Channel Bars
* (4) 27.5" Velcro-Ready FrontRunner™ Fabric Panels
* (4) 32" Velcro-Ready FrontRunner™ Fabric Panels
* (2) Velcro-Ready FrontRunner™ Fabric End Cap Panels
* 8" Velcro-Ready FrontRunner™ Fabric Spanner Panel
* (4) 200 Watt Halogen Lights w/ Bulbs
* (2) Durable Hard Cases w/ Lock Latches, Wheels
* Spare Bulbs and Components
* Complete Instructions w/ Toll Free Phone Support
Optional Accessories That Can Be Added To This System* (will open new window)
Many vendors claim to sell the ‘best’ quality display systems, and even offer similar warranties. To truly find the highest value for your budget, learn what you can about the construction and design of the system and avoid the common pitfall of costly replacements. Click here for a list of questions you should ask when shopping for a pop up system.
This system is the result of years of careful improvement and engineering, producing an industry leader of pop up booths designed to meet your needs for years to come.
With a seamlessly self-aligning panel system, brilliant lighting, abrasion resistant materials, and endless possible configurations; be confident in your booth presentation.
Unique for its incredible load-bearing strength, the frame will support a variety of accessories without buckling, remaining perfectly stable.
Frame materials allow for the highest strength to weight ratio possible, making for a remarkably lightweight system that’s easy to transport between shows.
Make A Clear Lasting Impression
Tradeshows have many booths competing to attract attention, so you must set yourself apart for your message to be heard. An eye-catching exhibit that complements your business is a great way to make a clear lasting impression.
* Superb photo quality graphics
* Printed on exclusive high quality Titanium Film
* Polycarbonate Laminate make graphics nearly indestructible
Orders purchased after 3PM EST will be processed the next business day.
Other countries please contact for quote.
Complete Satisfaction Guarantee
Printed graphics cannot be returned.
Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
With this system you will receive a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, guaranteeing you against any faults or defects.
Click here to read the full warranty statement. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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