Bikini bottle patent rights


Subject: Bikini bottle patent rights
For Sale: Bikini Woman On A Bottle Patent Rights - $350,000 or best offer. I would also be open to discussing a licensing agreement or some type of royalty agreement. The application number 29/236,319 (non-published) for Bikini Woman On A Bottle has been examined and is allowed for issuance as a patent. The issue fee has been paid and the Bikini Woman On A Bottle patent should be published shortly in approximately 2-8 weeks.
The Bikini Bottle package design could also be used to create a powerful brand in numerous beverage categories, whether it's for beer, malternatives, spirits, wine, bottled water, energy drinks or health & fitness beverages. This patented design could also be incorporated into dietary supplement packaging.
I've included several excerpts from 3 different articles (below) pertaining to the importance of packaging in a crowded marketplace.
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Sex in advertising is the use of sexual attraction as a tool of persuasion to draw interest to a particular product, for purpose of sale, generally using attractive models. Over the past two decades, the use of increasingly explicit sexual appeals in consumer-oriented print advertising and particularly of women as sex objects has become almost commonplace. Sexuality is considered one of the most powerful tools of marketing and particularly advertising. Post-advertising sales response studies have shown it can be very effective for attracting immediate interest, holding that interest, and, in the context of that interest, introducing a product that somehow correlates with that interest.
Further evidence comes from Gallup & Robinson, an advertising and marketing research firm which reports that in more than 50 years of testing advertising effectiveness, it has found the use of the erotic to be a significantly above-average technique in communicating with the marketplace.
2 Bypass the Brain and Go Straight to the Heart: Connecting with emotion builds a brand and keeps it vital
“The idea that business is just a numbers affair has always struck me as preposterous. For one thing, I’ve never been particularly good at numbers, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job with feelings. And I’m convinced that it is feelings—and feelings alone—that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of its myriad forms.” — Richard Branson
Human beings are sociable creatures. Our tribal urge is strong; we want to belong to something. The best-known brands in the world have successfully used these basic human drives to attract and develop brand loyalty by creating authentic emotional connections that bypass the brain and go straight to the heart, tapping into powerful feelings about self-image, fantasies, aspirations and dreams. Although decisions about purchases and loyalties are based on both rational and emotional reactions, it’s the emotional response that motivates us to act. Recognizing that fact is the key to effective brand building. In the words of neurologist Donald Calne, “The essential difference between emotion and reason is that emotion leads to action while reason leads to conclusions.”
Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs states that since we are motivated by our unsatisfied needs, once we have the basics of food and shelter taken care of, we begin to be motivated by our need to be a part of something larger than ourselves. So it’s only natural for people to connect with products and services that speak to such powerful emotional drives and give meaning to our purchasing decisions, especially the discretionary ones.
3 Nothing Says Brand Like the Package
The food and beverage industry is calling out to consumers for attention.
Retail studies have shown that up to 85 percent of all consumer purchases are made on impulse. In view of this, food and beverage manufacturers are putting more and more emphasis on package design. That package must convey brand communication—quickly and efficiently. How do package design firms capture the essence of their clients’ brands? How do they gain coveted premium shelf space? How do they gain market share? And how do they get the consumer’s attention to attain all of these things?
Brand identity and package design are an increasingly important component of corporate branding strategies as they contribute significantly to marketing or branding successes. While marketing and advertising efforts seek to create “need” or demand for a product, only the package can tangibly deliver that product and brand to the consumer. The package must meet the consumer where he or she is, and it must deliver just the right brand message to promote a purchasing decision. All of the corporate marketing, advertising and promotional efforts in the world go for naught if the consumer standing before the retail shelf, passes over the product. When this happens, the huge cost of research and development, marketing and positioning the product in the marketplace has been a waste.
Since a brand’s packaging is its most enduring and accessible brand communication vehicle, it’s important that it conveys the brand experience through an innovative structure and package design system. The brand’s packaging must be a synergistic part of the overall brand expression continuum.
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