Big desma extrusion i-molding press 140HP hydraulic pak


Subject: Big desma extrusion i-molding press 140HP hydraulic pak
Big DESMA Extrusion Press and 140hp Hydraulic Power Pack Supply.
Now with factory documentation package!!!
(There are 24 images so take a break while they load if this is of interest to you.)
We just bought a substantial documentation package from the factory for this unit. This means we also have factory contact for this item. (Some of the documentation is in English and some is in German.)
The wind shredded the tarps that once covered it.
Would guess the hydraulic reservoir is 400 to 600 gallons.
We would guess the counter above is the number of cycles it has run.
DESMA number looks like PSA123/3110 11-16647. Made in Germany.
The pressure gauges go to 5000 PSI so guessing the hydraulics can do between 3000 and 5000.
Look at all the hydraulic components under this thing!
Another DESMA number is HYA73/2170 11-16647-we have no idea what these mean.
There are some seriously sized hydraulic filter housing canisters on this thing. There are also a couple of large nitrogen snubber bladder expansion chambers.
The hydraulic two hydraulic pump motors are about 70 horse power each (55 KW). Rated 460 volts, 3 phase, 1775 RPM 60 cycle. The motor type number is KA3250M-0B059
It would appear that this unit has hydraulic power rotation as well as straight hydraulic cylinder push action.
The hydraulic rotator part that looks like a giant hydraulic motor is labeled JAHNS HMW200B (We have another similar looking item rolling around loose somewhere but it did not come with this unit.
The image below is looking in the end (extrusion output?) at the splines on the end of the Rotator.
We will sell parts if nobody wants the whole thing-there is a small fortune in hydraulic components.
Condition looks older but functional used after some cleaning/maintenance. We have not powered it up or tested it. We do not have any documentation or ancillary parts but it looks very straightforward for someone familiar with this type of equipment. We have no experience with this type of system.
This unit is heavier than we can lift with our forklifts so there will be a charge for a very large forklift or crane to load it on the truck that takes it away-unless you bring your own heavy lifting equipment.
Sold as-is. What you see is what you get (unless otherwise noted). We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.cavlon99
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