Big 10" adjustable-pole research electro-magnet 25KGAUS


Subject: Big 10" adjustable-pole research electro-magnet 25KGAUS
25,000 gauss Large 10" Adjustable-Pole Research Electro-Magnet by ALPHA SCIENTIFIC. Liquid Cooled.
We have now tested this unit to some degree. Our gaussmeter is limited to 20,000 gauss so we could not test at full current of 125 amps. By holding our gauss probe at an angle in the ~1/2 inch gap that is currently set, we were able to go to 62.5 amps and get an interpolated gauss reading of 23,500. We took a variety of readings at lower values and it looks like saturation starts by 50 amps and 22,000 gauss. Plotting the data we took we concluded that the maximum would be about 25,000 gauss at 125 amps. We did not attempt to do cooling at the low current values we ran-there did not appear to be any heating in the short time we did testing. It should be noted that neither our gauss meter or current meter are calibrated so these are just indications, not standards traceable results.
Looks like the gap can be varied from nothing to 4 or more inches.
Made by ALPHA SCIENTIFIC. Rated for 125 Amps DC into 0.14 Ohms resistance. 4GPM cooling flow.
The tip of the poles is about 4" across. The poles are actually about 10" diameter.
The diameter of the coils and interior width of the frame is about 20 inches.
The vertical distance between the coils is about 9 inches.
The front-to-back dimension of the frame is about 14". The width is 28 and the height is 26.5. The metal of the frame is 4" thick. There is obviously some serious weight here (several thousand pounds).
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Condition looks very good slightly used. We don't know anything about the ratings other than what is shown.
Sold as-is. What you see is what you get. We are in the Desert Southwest so items may need dusting/cleaning when they arrive.
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