Benier intermediate proofers resting station


Subject: Benier intermediate proofers resting station
Benier 225 & 300 Pocket INTERMEDIATE PROOFERS Quality, versatility, reliability— all in one economic design. The Benier Intermediate Proofer is perfectly suited for the floor proofed and no-time dough process. Benier Proofers can process virtually any bread and roll dough, variety bread and pizza dough balls. Intermediate proofers are designed and manufactured in our efficient Atlanta facility according to your specification and requirements, such as: • Proofing time • Hourly capacity • Process range • Process style • Available floor space and layout Proofing time is a function of proofer size and operating speed. Benier Intermediate Proofers can be configured in the format that suits your specific needs. Different proofing times can be achieved by using only part of the proofer. Benier Intermediate Proofers are modular in design and can be extended in the future. Through a variety of different infeed systems, the Benier Intermediate Proafers can process from 500 up to 16,000 pieces per hour allowing the operator the highest possible operational flexibility. Whether you require a French bolancelle style proofer, which does not have any dough ball transfer or an infinite proofing time in a batch style proofer, Benier has the answers and the solutions far all your intermediate proofer requirements.