Benier conical and tower rounders


Subject: Benier conical and tower rounders
Benier CO4 Tower rounder and CO5s conical rounder Capacity 3600 Pieces Per Hour Weight Range 1 ounce to 2 pounds 220 Volts 3 Phase 5 Amps - Motor 1 HP These units are suitable for a wide range of products. With our patented system of adjustable rounding tracks, optimal rounding can be achieved. These tracks can be adjusted to suit any dough type and weight. The machine has been specially designed for ease of cleaning. Features: • Adjustable rounding tracks • Teflon coated tracks • \/Belt drive • Stainless steel covers • Aluminum alloy cone Advantages: • Wide process range from 1 oz. to 2-1/2 lb • Safe damage free • Easy to clean • No rust or corrosion Benefits: • Obtain optimal rounding for dough pieces for bread & rolls • Quite operation • Sanitary appearance • Long life