Benier bakery moulder model BO88


Subject: Benier bakery moulder model BO88
B088Moulder for Bread and Rolls Pieces Per Hour 1 to 6oz 3,600 Pieces Per Hour 6 to 16oz 3,600 Presure Plate 19-1/2 Wide x 45" Long Adjustable Guides 6 to 20 Inch Belt 20 Inch Moulding System Designed for Operating Simplicity and Supreme performance. This moulder is extremely easy to operate by any bakery operator, and produces an excellent end product due to a number of “dough friendly” features. The new materials and technology used in sheeting, curling and moulding the dough pieces has made for a breakthrough in dough processing not yet seen in the baking industry, and that every baker deserves to enjoy working with. Made from solid teflon, a unique working sheeting roller is springloaded to ensure proper thickness of the dough piece at all stages. The spring tension is controlled by one handle with position indicator After the sheeting roller the dough piece may be folded over at the edges by two optional folding guides. This feature greatly improves the moulding action and final product, particularly for pan bread, by providing more dough volume at both ends of the loaf prior to curling. A powered, endless curling chain ensures a very tight and complete curling of the dough piece prior to entry under the pressure board. An optional curling chain lifting device can be provided if the moulder is also used to flatten~dough pieces for hamburgers, etc.