Bender ac ground fault monitor RCM475LY-71 lot 10EA


Subject: Bender ac ground fault monitor RCM475LY-71 lot 10EA
Bender AC Ground Fault Monitor RCM475LY-71 - 1 Lot of 10 each
Ground Fault Monitor for Grounded & High-Resistance Grounded AC Systems
Supply Voltage AC 23V 50..60Hz
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Factory Price: $388.00 with 2 week lead time.
For Grounded, High-Resistance Grounded & Ungrounded
Steplessly Adjustable Alarm Set-point value from
either 6mA..600mA or 10mA...10A
Steplessly Adjustable Time Delay 0...10 sec.
Two SPDT voltage-free change-over contacts
Alarm Relay, Normally Energized or De-energized mode
The Ground Fault Monitor, RCM470LY and RCM475LY monitor the insulation level of grounded, high-resistance grounded and ungrounded single & three-phase systems by measuring the ground fault leakage current. Ungrounded systems require special consideration when using RCM or RCD units.
The BENDER RCM Series is specially designed to provide advanced warning of developing faults without the problems associated with high sensitivity nuisance tripping. The RCM470LY and RCM475LY are IEC 755 Type A Ground Fault Monitors that can detect sinusoidal AC ground fault currents and pulsating DC ground fault currents.
The response value is steplessly adjustable between 10mA...10A and the time delay can be adjusted between 0...10 sec. The relay is equipped with a LED bar graph indicator. An external analog meter can be connected and by using an optional external transducer, a 4...20mA signal is available. Meter indication is from 0...100%, where 100% is equal to the alarm set-point value.
RCM475LY is equipped with a built-in current transformer, like BENDER models W1-S35 ... W5-S210. These special current transformers have been designed to prevent nuisance tripping and are UL-listed.
These devices are suited for installation into standard distribution panels according to DIN 43 871 and for quick assembly onto support rail according to DIN EN 50 022 or for screw mounting.
The Ground Fault Current is evaluated by a special current transformer and converted into a measuring signal. When the ground fault exceeds the alarm set-point value, the alarm LED illuminates and the alarm relay switches after the adjusted time delay. The alarm relay can be selected to be in the normally energized or normally de-energized mode and with or without latching (fault memory).
The fault memory can be reset by pushing the [TEST/RESET] button located at the front panel or an external button (N.O. contact), provided that the ground leakage current is 25% below the alarm set-point value.
The ground leakage current is indicated on the LED bar graph indicator and the external meter in percent related to the alarm set-point value. (0-100%, where 100% is equal to the alarm setpoint, example: the alarm setpoint is equal to 100mA, so 50% on the meter would be 50mA.)
The connection to the external current transformers continuously monitored. An open circuit within the current transformer is indicated by a flashing alarm LED and alarm relay. The function of the current transformer and measuring circuit as well as the alarm LED and the alarm relay can be checked by pushing either the internal or external test button.
Technical Data RCM470LY/RCM475LY
Insulation coordination acc. to IEC60664-1
Rated impulse withstand voltage/contamination level 4V/3
Voltage test according to IEC255-5 3kV
Operation class continuous operation
Operating range of US AC 0.85 ... 1.1 x US
Operating range of US DC 0.8 ... 1.4 x US
Frequency range at AC 50 ... 60 Hz
System voltage UN Not a factor (1)
Max. Load Current Not a factor (2)
Alarm set-point value I?n1 6mA ... 600mA or 10mA ... 10A
Relative response error 0 ... -20% (3)
Response time (5 x I?n) ? 0.03 s
Delay time t (adjustable) 0 ... 10 s
Hysteresis 25% of the response value
Current transformer, internal RCM475LY
Current transformer, external RCM470LY
Distance from RCM to Current Transformer
- Twisted pair cable up to 30 feet (10 m)
- Shielded twisted pair cable up to 80 feet (25 m)
LED bar graph indicator (leakage current) 10 ... 100%
Current output / max. load 0 ... 400 ?A / 12.5 k?
Type 2 voltage-free SPDT contacts
Rated contact voltage AC 250 V/DC 300 V
Breaking capacity AC 230 V and p.f. = 0.4 AC 2 A
Breaking capacity DC 220 V and L/R = 0.04 s DC 0.2 A
Operating mode N.E. or N.D. mode
Adjustment by factory Normally Deenergized mode
Dielectric test: Test Voltage 2kV
Impulse voltage test acc. to IEC255-5 class III
Electrical disturbance test acc. to IEC255-5 class III
Shock resistance acc. to IEC68-2-27 15g / 11sec
Bumping acc. to IEC 68-2-29 40g / 11msec
Vibration strength acc. to IEC 68-2-6 10..150Hz / 0.15mm - 2g
Ambient temperature, during operation -10°C ... +55°C
Storage temperature range -40°C ... +70°C
Internal CT opening (RCM475LY only) 18 mm
Type of connection screw terminals
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