Benchtop model single-punch tablet press (pill maker)


Subject: Benchtop model single-punch tablet press (pill maker)
TDP-30 Benchtop Model Single-Punch Tablet Press
"This is an extra heavy-duty benchtop unit, capable of producing tablets up to 24mm in diameter; almost an inch. (Max diameter is affected by materials to be tableted). This machine is widely used for pressing tablets in pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, chemical, herbal, candy, and other related industries. It can press round or special shaped tablets from various granular materials. Featuring precision filling, low-noise, low-consumption of material, and smooth operation, the minimum consumption of lab material is just 200g. It is ruggedly designed, reliable and efficient for research and development labs, hospitals, industry and small scale production.
This machine can operate with one die set (up to 20 mm), two punch sets (up to 10 mm each), or three punch sets (up to 7 mm each).
Maximum pressure: 30 KN (6750lbs)
Maximum diameter of tablet: 20-24 mm depending on tableting material
Maximum filling depth: 16 mm
Maximum tablet thickness: 8 mm
Production capacity: single-punch: 3600 pieces/hr; double-punch: 7200 pieces/hr; triple-punch: 10800 pieces/hr
Machine weight: 160 Kg (352 lb.)
Machine dimensions: 708 mm x 459 mm x 740 mm
Motor: 110 volts @ 12 amps or 220 volts @ 6 amps, single-phase, or 220 volts @ 5.4 amps three-phase
Overall Size: 650 x 440 x 650 mm
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