Bench top pump filling machine, bottling machine filler


Subject: Bench top pump filling machine, bottling machine filler
Single Head Table TopGear Pump Filler
Price for standard machine $5,200
This is a Single Head Positive Displacement Gear Pump Filler, or can be fitted with an optional Piston Pump for use from a table, counter top, or other stable surface. This new entry level filler will satisfy your need for a relatively low volume, low cost , user friendly, high quality filling machine.
Equipped with the gear pump, the advantage over a typical piston filler is that you can fill a wider range of container sizes with programmable control of pump gear revolutions. In addition, the unit comes equipped with a variable speed motor, giving you even more control over the output of your filling operation.
Reliable, accurate Stainless Steel Gear Pump*
Plug-in Operation (120VAC/60Hz)
User friendly Operator Interface
Tool-less fill height adjustment
User selectable variable fill speeds
Fills thin to heavy viscosity products
Fills a wide variety of container sizes from 1 ounce to 1 gallon
Liquid product can be filled from its source, such as a mixing tank or storage resevoir, simply by inserting flexible intake tube directly into product. Liquid product is then drawn into the machine as needed, and pumped into containers to be filled.
Available with a variety of accessories and options, including automatic bottle indexing, product level control, product reservoir, and more. Please email us to learn more.
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Electrical - 120VAC/60Hz single phase 15 amps.
Drive Type - Variable frequency: 120VAC/60Hz input, 240VAC/60Hz output
Pneumatic Requirement - 1 SCFM at 40-60 psi
Dimensions - 16” (41cm) long, 9” (23cm) wide, 20” (51cm) high
User Interface - 2 line, programmable, with keypad input
Nozzle Types - Bottom close (standard) or air operated ball valve
Contact Parts - Stainless steel, Viton, Teflon, Polyphenylene Sulfide Gears, PVC
Pump Type - Stainless Steel close coupled rotary gear pump *
(1 year warrantee on non-wear parts)