Bench-top explosive blast chamber assembly testing 2GM


Subject: Bench-top explosive blast chamber assembly testing 2GM
2-Gram Charge rated Bench-Top Explosive Blast Chamber Assembly Testing Chamber.
In addition to the temperature controller shown above, this unit includes a variable speed DC motor spindle assembly with the drive on the right and the "tailstock" on the left in the image below. There are some small air cylinders inside the chamber as well as an apparatus that looks like a heated collar for sealing something.
While this unit is currently set up for a specific application, it looks like it could easily be adapted for many other uses where there is some risk of a small explosion.
The image above shows the inside of the chamber door. Note the spot at the top of the viewing port that shows evidence of a blast.
The variable speed Bodine DC gear motor is shown above and its label below.
The image above shows the motor variable speed control.
The image below shows the controls for the aircylinders.
The door opening is about 14 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall.
The distance to the back wall from the lower lip is about 20" and 13.5 from the top lip.
The distance from the floor to the top lip is a bit over 12 inches.
The image above shows the backside.
The image below shows a hand written note that says this unit is safe for and explosive charge of up to 2 grams (we don't know of what).
Other similar items may be available listed separately or on request.
Might be just what you need for your small explosive blast test or process assembly chamber application.
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