Belshaw donut proofer (mdl #ep/18)


Subject: Belshaw donut proofer (mdl #ep/18)
Belshaw’s EP18/24 cabinet proofer provides the most flexible method of proofing donuts, cinnamon rolls, and all yeast-raised goods under 3”(75mm)finished height. The EP18/24 is a robust,mobile, go-anywhere, use-anywhereproofer that offers top performancealongside open kettle or tabletop automatic fryers.Standard (EP18/24) and Extra Depth
(EP18/24/34) models are available to accomodate all common screen and bun pan sizes. Each model features 17 shelves
to accomodate donuts, or 12 shelves for cinnamon rolls or other bulkier products. Capacity is from 68 dozen (Standard) to113 dozen (Extra Depth) large donuts per hour.