Belleglass ng indirect composites intro kit dental kerr


Subject: Belleglass ng indirect composites intro kit dental kerr
The “next generation” of indirect composites, belleGlass NG, incorporates advanced nano-particle and submicron filler technology, creating the most significant development in composites in the last ten years, surpassing previous belleGlass benchmarks and setting new industry standards for polish, shine and wear. Developed by the same team of chemists and researchers who created Herculite, Prodigy and Point 4, today’s standards for high quality direct composite materials.
Light, heat and pressure produce the highest degree of material conversion (98.5%), giving belleGlass superior strength and wear characteristics. The opaceous dentin’s high filler content exceeds 87%, providing exceptional strengths and shrinkage of less that 0.94%, which means better margin integrity and less chance of microleakage.
The opalescent appearance more closely characterizes natural enamel like no other composite based material. belleGlass restorations provide less wear to opposing dentition than porcelain because they are not as hard or abrasive. Studies from the University of Alabama have shown posterior restorations maintain polish and luster for 8 years, making it smooth, comfortable and long lasting.
1 Finishing / Polishing Accessories
6 Syringes (5g) of Translucent Dentin (A2, A3, A3.5, B0, C2, D2)
5 Syringes (4g) of Enamels (Neutral, Light Grey, Cuspal, White)
6 Syringes (5g) of Opaceous Dentin (A2, A3, A3.5, B0, C2, D2)
1 Bottle (2ml) Color Modifier (Ochre)
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