Behavioral advertising trial, best traffic inventory


Subject: Behavioral advertising trial, best traffic inventory
Behavioral Inventory Unlike Any Other!
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We are presently running campaigns for companies like Party Poker, Golden Palace and 888 with constant monthly renewals!
Our behavioral advertising combines innovative targeting technology and the latest tools with one of the largest audiences on the Internet to deliver timely and relevant advertising to interested consumers.
Our Network has invested heavily in developing applications that allow our users to experience the Internet in a customized and efficient way. We will continue to respect and care about our users and provide them with valuable online applications and services that will improve their online experiences.
We are experienced leaders in the online advertising business. With that comes the experience in designing your ads that dramatically increase your profitability, delivering results through attractive images, persuasive creative messaging and instant consumer recognition. Our marketing and creative teams have years of experience in developing creative that delivers results for our clients. Based on the analysis of thousands of online campaigns, we are able to customize banner, display ads and text ads to provide the highest rates of conversion.
Graphic Ads - Flash, Animated, Static, Rich media (audio available)
Analyze your product or service to create a marketing advertisement that best suits your offer for high conversion rates
Analyze competitors to gain market intelligence
Extremely competitive pricing.
Reach your target audience with contextual technology offered by our partner ISP and Search providers. Contextual targeting technology is delivered by relevant search for your product or service, and displayed exactly at the moment of interest. Diversity in creative formats accepted, video, creative or text banners and lead forms. Multi delivery options available, standard banner, pop-up, pop-under and expandable.
We offer all categories of marketing for B2B an B2C campaigns. Contextual advertising is for ROI driven marketers with incomparable conversion rates.
Our networks will maximize your advertising dollar by displaying your advertisement only on premium, customized, relevant web pages. By matching your target audience to relevant content, we can deliver highly targeted ads required by savvy marketers.
We will customize your campaigns to meet content, demographic, geographic and relevancy to target specifically what is required for a successful campaign.
Our partner publishers are interviewed for quality and appeal ensuring our advertisers maximum ROI and exposure. Each campaign is customized to meet the needs of our clients. We carefully choose from our thousands of affiliate publishers matching the precise targeting that is required by you the client.
Advertisers of all scalability and budgets can achieve brand awareness, lead generation and sales with our quality publishers.
No Adult illegal in U.S., hate, warez, or adult sites accepted.
No other window of any type spawned internal or external of target URL,no sound/noise,no hate/illegal/adult-All Pg rated content,No warez,virus,trojan,auto-download,framebreakers,browser-altering
The sites you submit may not contain any pop window (exit pages, java pops, pop-ins, fly-ins, pop-unders, etc.)
Sound, redirects, scripts that change the home page settings, message boxes, download boxes, ect. are NOT allowed.
We have the right to refuse service to any site we determine is inappropriate for our network.
We only deal with legitimate forms of advertising. We DO NOT deal with FRAFFIC (fake traffic)
Good luck and thanks for looking.