Beckman tl-100 ultracentrifuge refrigerated counter top


Subject: Beckman tl-100 ultracentrifuge refrigerated counter top
The TL-100 ultra centrifuge supports a variety of small sample, high speed applicationsThis popular instrument permits centrifugation of tubes with capacities of 0.2 to 5.0 mL.
The system is microprocessor controlled with keypad and digital display. It features a variable frequency induction drive motor, thermoelectric temperature control system, self purging vacuum system, automatic rotor over-speed identification system, and a program memory that can hold up to ten five-step programs, with choice of acceleration and deceleration rates.
Optional features may include an RS-232 serial interface
Set Speed TL 5,000-100,000 rpm
Rotor Temperature 2 – 40 oC in 1o increments
Vacuum below 10 microns (1.3Pa)
Dimensions 21”Hx29”Wx23”D
Heat Dissipation 0.6kW (2050BTU/hr)
Noise Level <60dBAPower Requirements 90-110Vac15A 50/60Hz