Beckman titanium jcf-z rotor


Subject: Beckman titanium jcf-z rotor
Beckman titanium JCF-Z continious flow, zonal and re-orienting gradient rotor for J-21B centrifuge
This unit comes with all the parts that are shown in the photos including the instruction manual and the original price list. In 1973 it sold for $1990.00. To purchase new now will cost you $21,000. The part is in like new condition. The end-user tells me it was used only once and has been stored for thirty years. There are a bunch of other misc. o-rings and other parts that I came across including the instruction manual for the J-21B centrifuge that will be included as well although they are not shown in the photos. The rotor plug and an extra set of seal assembly bearings are also included although they are not shown. I may have other parts that I have not come across yet. If I do find any additional parts for the unit then I will include them as well. It also comes with the original tools for assembly and dis-assembly of the unit including a sand blasted glass plate for lapping the seal. The maximum rated speed is 20,000 RPM at 40,000 g. The unit is made of titanium and has a screw on lid. The threads are in perfect condition with no galling. Beckman part # 335140.
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